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Zoey & Ketchup

Sept 8-9


Bethesda, MD
September 15-16


New York
October 11-14


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Zoey and Ketchup debuts in Baltimore—new kids graphic novel by a 10 year old kid and her cartoonist Dad!

Like many 10-year-olds, Katie Gallagher loves comics and graphic novels. Archie, Amelia Rules, and Bone are just some of her of her favorites. But when Katie comes to meet the creators of those books at this weekend's Baltimore Comic-Con, she'll be joining them BEHIND the table, as a fellow author. Katie is part of the Kids Love Comics kid section at the show.

Katie and her cartoonist father, John Gallagher (Buzzboy, Roboy Red), are premiering "Zoey and Ketchup" the tale of a "girl with a big imagination, and the dog who loves her." Written in the spirit of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Calvin and Hobbes, Zoey and Ketchup takes readers of all ages on a fun-filled trip inside the minds of a girl cartoonist and her dog, as they battle boredom, escape danger, and try to get rid of her little brother!

But this is no overnight sensation. Indeed, The Gallaghers have been working on this book for over five years. The stories began as bedtime stories John told to his little daughter, as a way to make her more comfortable with their newly adopted golden retriever, Sky. Katie quickly "improved" upon the tales, adding in magical creatures, amazing situations, and some good old brother-sister rivalry. "When my brother Jack was born, my dad added Zack to the stories," says Katie. "It was a way to make him more fun to her," adds John. "But as readers will tell, Zoey and Zack do not always get along."

John has handled most of the art chores and writing, with Katie co-plotting, drawing backgrounds digitally, and re-writing when something doesn't read right. "We don't always agree, says Gallagher, "but when it comes to the thoughts of a little girl, I always defer to Katie, as she is the authority."

The first volume is a 48-page, full color graphic novel, but John and Katie plan on expanding to full length graphic novels in the future. The books are currently available via Amazon, Baker & Taylor for libraries and schools, with wider distribution via Diamond later in 2012.

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Zoey & Ketchup!